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For what it's worth my speedo clicked 44mph once last summer running a 40t sprocket and a Grubee 66cc that I cleaned the ports up a little bit on. I can get it to 42mph when I push it but it's vibrating to beat the band. Do I feel safe? To be honest I don't think about it when it's happening and it doesn't feel all that fast until it's time to stop. Is it smart? probably not. Most of the time I cruise at 30 mph or so and I'm happy as could be doing it. I'm most unhappy when I'm trying to wring every bit of speed out it. It's far more fun to just put along back roads and take in all the country side has to offer.
I'm on board with bimoped, 2.85hp is optimistic and 5-6hp is out of the question. I might be getting the claimed hp after the mods I did but I doubt it. My old 3.5 hp mini bike would smoke my motorized bicycle except in top end only because the gearing was so low on the mini bike.
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