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Hey ferball
You want to fan the crazy speed claim flames? I love pissing contest's. Just watch which way the wind is blowing! LOL
See my signature!

Have you considered that the so called "factory specs" of 5-6 hp may be ever so slightly exaggerated?
Even the 66 cc Grubee Starfire label that says 2.85 hp may be a bit optimistic.

We GPS'ed Bairdco at 54 mph a few weeks on his fast bike which runs
a 28 tooth rear sprocket. It rides and handles just fine at those speeds
even though his bike has no suspension.
Baird's bike has quality components though, check out the pics below
that were taken on the day by yours truly.

A good standard kit runs about 32mph with a 44 tooth sprocket and if you
tweak them a little they will go 38 - 39 mph with a 36 tooth.

IF you really know what you are doing you will have a bike faster than Baird!

Originally Posted by ferball View Post
I just thought I might fan the crazy speed claim flames here with this thought. I found the factory specs for my motor. It says that my engine can put out 5-6 hp at 6000rpms, and is good for up to 42 mph. I know that it is wishful thinking that these little motors are that strong out of the box, but claims of speed around 30mph are not unrealistic for a stock motor if those specs are even half true.

I do realize that as your speed increases your power need increases at an exponential factor, so 45mph maybe possible but very unlikely. But 30ish MPH should not be considered a fantasy or crazy talk for these things. I personally never ride that fast and when people start claiming 35+ I don't often question if the bike can do it, I question if the rider can, considering the vibrations of the bike at the speed, the lack of decent suspension to handle those speeds, and what you have to ignore when your brain starts shouting to the rest of you what a bad idea it is.

Just a thought, not trying to start a pissing contest of whose bike is faster. But I would be interested to hear from people who legitimately drive that fast and what the bike does at those speeds and if you were actually scared for life at any point.

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