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Default Re: brand new to this so.. i have a few questions!

Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
Hi Luke, Welcome to the other side! I was a big supporter of the scooter scene. I've raced almost every league (ISA,IGPA and USSRL and AMMRA) and know how much maintenance goes into keeping a reliable goped. Not all chinese motors are bad. I think Chris Hill makes the best chinese motors but he's not the cheapest...for good reasons. If you want a Japanese motor, you can go with a 40 Zenoah with a friction drive. Of course there is the CY 420 and 460 but then again they're chinese motors with plating issues. Personally, I'll pay the extra money so I can get the extra reliability. That's why I went with the Italian motor.
Also I can't forget about the 4 strokers. I don't know alot about them but I hear they're pretty reliable. Again Welcome aboard. The guys hear are extremely helpful and will give you solid answers without you.

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lol thats so funny about Zenoah engines..cause we use zenoah for goped engines as well.. Italian motors?? what and where can i find them, that sounds very interesting..
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