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Default Re: Welding newbie need advice

i know i know i agree not much of a welder now is it, i have used "REAL" welders and seen the diference this is just what i have for now, a good welder will run me about $650 (i know its not much for a welder but i can get a decent lincoln when they go on sale for that price) and i need to run a 220v plug to my garage (if im going to buy a new welder i dont want something slightly better i want something good that will last and perform)and as well im not doing to much welding at the moment im not producing nothing just mostly messing around so i cant really justify spending that money right now when i do have access to better welders when i need them. Also more on the topic of cleaning and replacing roollers and linings, soo let me get this straight i need to replace the rolers inside the mig (both or just the driving one? i also noticed that the rollers have 2 groves to them shall i turn it the other way and try the other groove?) and the lining inside the grip or inside the machine or both? any way of celeaning the path of the wire??? and should i maybe remove the tube/cable (im not sure whats it called maybe someone can tell me, im reffering to the cable that connects the gun to the welder and allows the wire to travel threw it?) and clean it maybe i can hold it up and spray some sort of lubricant threw it, and suggestions are wlecome if its a bad idead just tell me i wont do it, thanx guys and keep the advice coming

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