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Default brand new to this so.. i have a few questions!

Hi there, i have been riding Gopeds since January when my license got suspsended and was having a lot of fun getting around in Hollywood but then problem after problem and maintenance after maintenance and i gave up a few weeks ago and decided to bycicle but then!..i saw one of these motorbycicle on craigslist and found my way to this site..I am looking to set up relatively quick so i have a few questions if you guys don't mind...

1- can anyone recomend a good dealer/technician in the Los Angeles (preferebly Hollywood) area? ((problem with my goped is i had to drive 35 miles every time i had a problem with it!))

2- what are the limitiations of what bycicles you can and cant put these kits on.. e.g BMX bikes?..Fixie's ?(fixed gear bikes) and what in your opinion is the best type of bike

3- i hear chinese kits are pretty much a no (no offence) but Japanese is a-go! if so where can i find Japanese kits?..

4- is there a lot of maintenance with these things, i will prob be doing about 10-20 miles on it a not engine looking for the most reliable 'kits'

5- And lastly if you have any other suggestions or tips for someone looking to get stuck in, would like to hear from you..

looking forward to your responces. luke
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