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Default Re: Welding newbie need advice

i got a question since everyone is on the welding topic, i have a little solar fluxcore wire mig welder at home (about the size of a minature coolar) and i also use a 220v lincoln at work (not sure of the model) now when i weld sometimes the welder stops spitting out wire or struggles to feed it smoothly all the time, on my fluxcore it sucks because it flatens the wire where the little wheel feeds it threw and than i need to assist it past the flattened portion of the wire. Im carefull not to let the spool unwide when installing it and i use what i consider a good amount of tension on both the spool and the wheel that feeds the wire (if i go to light it doesnt pull the wire threw and the same if i put to much tension). Now recently this started happening at work with the lincoln and my foreman said it always did this and its really annoying so i am here to ask you guys on any suggestion on what i can do to get more grip on the wire (i was thinking of taking a small file or a piece of sandpaper and roughen up the surface of the wire feed wheel, anyone think this is a good idea? any other suggestions?
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