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Default Re: Car carrier for MBs - recommendations?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
The swivel/tilt is accomplished by having a round peg in a square hole. (and they said it couldn't be done)
The rack has a round 1 1/8" steel rod that slides into the square tube that attches to the bumper. A 5/8" hitch pin inserts through the holes and is held in by the spring (tractor) pin. Pull the hitch pin and the rack rotates to the left allowing the bike to be rolled on or off.
I use three nylon tie down straps with friction buckles. One on the front fork, one at the seat post and the other to the left rear chain stay. The straps are anchored to cargo tie-downs inside the pickup bed and the vertical upright support of the rack.
Hope this and the photo explain it.
Is it made w/old bed rails?(center track welds)
and the pivot in the actual hitch is better than how I first thought .looks better all the time.
and yes, It's as bad as you think and they are out to get you.
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