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Default Re: Weak-Sauce Acceleration

ya its the stupid red air box carb. It said high performance so i looked passed the air box.
I think I might have to listen to you Skiball and get another carb. All i hear are good things about the NT. The cns that came with my kit ran great at first utill i broke the intake clamp. All my smarts (and j b weld ) could not get the thing to run right again. I bought a new one (without finding this fourm first)exspecting the same performance but it has been none stop problems from the start. My wife told me to get the cheaper one but I told her this one was better. She was probly right again. Don't want to spend anymore on it right now, so i'm gonna mess around a little more. I can't let this little carb defeat me yet. I'll take all the advise i can get though.
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