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Default re: which is the best kit?

Originally Posted by earl.k View Post
i have run 2 skyhawks and a ZB motor(all 66cc).. they have all been fine so far. i have had some things fail. but mostly its stuff that came with the kit, not the motor itself. and you will have that with use anyway.

i can say i would by another ZB motor if i could get one in black. i cant find a place that has them or ships to the USA.. but here is a link to one in standard finish. and its from a solid dealer, cant beat that.

ZB-80 Slant head Limited Edition Standard Finish

mostly i think people pick china two stroke kits based on two things. 1. legit dealer(warranty and such). and 2. a kit with the things they want such as...motor size, carb, color and things like that. because for the most part they really are the same. people get bunk skyhawks, and they are i think the biggest seller.

just be sure to have a warranty, and the rest is just picking what kit works best for what you need and want. good luck.
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