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Default Re: BlowByU GT2 Build

Hey Mike nice site, I was wondering if you could help me with with a J shaft configureation, right now I'm running a 2 inch pully off the crank to a 6 inch pully off the leftside of the drive wheel, thats giving me a 1:3 ratio alittle slugish takeoff but cruzes nicely at 35-40mph without screaming the motor, in hopes of improvements to the bottom end I purchessed a 9 speed internal sram hub and laced it to a 26" steel rim. to use the gearing I now have to power the rt side by way of j shafting. I have one and only one spare sealed bearing crank set for my shaft and being a fan of things well welded this gives me one shot at this . My plan is use the two pullies 2" and 6" on the left side, and a 14 tooth bmx rear freewheel sprocket driving a 20 tooth fixed sprocket on the geared hub do you know the formula used to determin weather 3:1 ratio will power a 1.6:1 ratio enought to pull a 26" rim out of the hole or would I be better off to use the bmx sprock with my peddle side and insert a 10 tooth in the middle making it a 3:1 into 2:1? Im not to worried about the internal gearing of the hub but if it maters 1st gear appears to be 1;1 with 9th 1:1 3/4....I've custom built my frame and have just enought room for this configuration
I'm stuck on the 3;1 is spinning the 14t at 1:1.5 for some reason and haveing a head ache starting, I was also wondering if you were hireing anytime this spring? hankmanpei (bodyman/painter extrodanaire)
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