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Default Re: Broken out of the box

Dang man that does suck..........!

His response was horrible........if that guy ever done me that way I would be as hacked off as you are, this really makes me rethink ever buying another kit from him, I may still pick up a few parts if need be from time to time because he offers some pretty good deals on a few things but to be real honest maybe he doesn't realize we do things different in America than they do in China or where ever he's from, If he really believes what he said about those gasket surfaces not affecting performance in any way, I'd say he doesnt have a freaking clue how an engine works, I mean...... he even made a comment about the piston working in the middle of the cylinder..........I am like what............! tha!

I have never gotten a response like that from him, but then again I've never had an issue with anything he sold me either, I say just order a new jug and be done with it, unless he wil send you one inspite of his ignorance on the matter.

Good luck man, I hope you get it worked out.

Peace, Shan

Originally Posted by Dave Strome View Post
I've heard mixed results about BGF. In this case, he's being an unreasonable jerk and does not seem to be interested in customer service.

And in case anyone is wondering, I was VERY nice and reasonable about it. I didn't send him a scathing "YOU SOB!!!" email or anything like that. Just sent him a link to the pictures and said "I know it's been past 7 days and you're under no obligation to help me, but look at these pics! Can you send me a replacement part?"
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