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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

You did the right thing by fitting them the way you discribed, if they move freely they will hook up on the flywheel and the pressure plate much better, and when it comes to resizing those stock pucks, a bench grinder and a good eye for not taking off to much will get them resized very quick.
Originally Posted by kojak View Post
Is the clutch material meant to engage on both sides? The replacement clutch puck I got from gasbike were some kind of fiberboard/rubber mesh and solid rubber on one side, just like the ones I took out of my motor. I replaced them the same way the stock pads were installed, with the rubber side facing inward, though I was tempted to alternate them.

I did spend some time wearing out some razor blades cutting them down so that they fit loosely; after all that work I could have just mad my own from some Mcmaster clutch material like another member suggested.
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