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Default Re: Broken out of the box

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I dont know about any of the other ebay sellers but personaly I have had good luck with the products that BGF sells and up to this point he has always answered my emails quickly and gave me great customer service, I may get the shaft the next time I deal with him but so far not a single complaint and I have 4 of the engines he sells pushing 900 miles on one and runs like new still on opti 2

I've heard mixed results about BGF. In this case, he's being an unreasonable jerk and does not seem to be interested in customer service.

And in case anyone is wondering, I was VERY nice and reasonable about it. I didn't send him a scathing "YOU SOB!!!" email or anything like that. Just sent him a link to the pictures and said "I know it's been past 7 days and you're under no obligation to help me, but look at these pics! Can you send me a replacement part?"
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