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Default Re: Broken out of the box

Originally Posted by BiMoPed View Post
Who did you buy it from?
Is the chrome in the bore damaged?
It doesn't appear to be.. the only damage I've seen so far is what's shown in the pictures.

Originally Posted by BiMoPed View Post
Please upload pics to the post
Click the "manage attachments" button below

Done.. I attached the best pic. Sorry, I cheated earlier by just posting the link.

Originally Posted by rohmell View Post
It is repairable, but why should you? You paid for a new undamaged engine, and should expect that.

And that really is the point isn't it? And, exactly what I said to him.

Bought these from BGF... my second motor from him, along with some parts. Last year. Was pretty pleased up until now. I thought I was being EXTREMELY reasonable by saying "Hey, look at these pics! Just send me a replacement part and I'll be happy!" Frankly, I'm pretty PO'd at his responses. Oh well, what are you going to do? Here's what he told me:

Rick Shi <> writes:
first I don't want to argue with the other people opinions.
different people has different thought.

my personal opinion, it will not effect any thing of the performance. tighten the 4 nuts on the engine head after run awhile. *and the aluminium gasket will seal the un-flat space. so it is the reason of the gasket and it is the reason using*aluminium not the steel gasket.
the piston up down in middle. the scratch place never effected.*
suggest u change the*aluminum*head gasket since u open the engine head, the old gasket can not use. *if u still worry, u can add 2 head gasket
feel free to email us

To which I told him that it DOES affect the performance, the motor ran for about 100' and then died with a popping sound. I only took it apart to see what was wrong with it because I knew he'd want "proof". He responded with:

Rick Shi <> writes:
no problem if u want to exchange the cylinder.
but it is not*necessary.
we sold thousands of the engine, we know where the problem will effect the*performance.

So.. BoyGoFast, unfortunately in my opinion, is NOT a reputable seller. I advise anyone to stay away from him.


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