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Default Re: Weak-Sauce Acceleration

When you go to accelerate, does the engine rev, but not seem to be catching? If so, you need to adjust your clutch so it grabs better. The couple weeks of riding have worn the pucks down just enough where they're not grabbing anymore. (You are pedaling from a stop before letting the clutch out, right?)

If the engine isn't revving under throttle so much, but once it gets up to top end it runs fine, this is where you'd adjust the clip setting on the jet needle. Ride with the bike at a little over half throttle for a couple minutes, then shut it off and check your plug right away. The plug color will tell you whether you're lean or rich, and you can adjust your needle clip accordingly (up is a little leaner, down is a little richer).

If it's not even getting up to top speed anymore, I would be looking at an air leak. Carb to intake, intake to cylinder, possible carb top, make sure your head is torqued down, possible headgasket or cylinder base gasket leak, possible crank seal leak.
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