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Talking Just want to say Thank You.

Well I hope this is in the right place....Sorry if this was supposed to be posted elsewhere, I'm limited on time so I have to do this fast. I am in a bit of a bind so my internet usage is limited at best. I can read posts from my phone but to respond is something different.

First of all I want to extend the greatest thanks to both the folks at Piston Bikes, and Sick bike parts. I have just recently gotten around to assembling my items ( Motor kit <Piston> AWESOME!!!!!) and my (Expansion Exhaust <SBP> TOTALLY SWEET!!!!) and so far everything is flawless. I haven't been able to ride yet due to lack of funds, so I cant get any inner tubes for my bike yet but it looks promising. Hopefully tomorrow!! Hopefully I can give an update soon With pics. Sorry it took so long to give any feedback but like I said I'm only able to get to a PC once in a while.

Once again Thank You.

BTW I'm on the Map now.
Hope it Helps. I am also a proud member of the 20 MPH. club

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