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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Used it to annoy a neighbor. He had a fight with Carol's Father 37 yrs back and has been a jerk to them ever sense. The only thing he has said to me was "You dig holes in my yard and drive on my driveway" in an eastern European accent. (I do no touch a shovel or dig a hole unless there is gold or a rather great hourly wage) He had also told me I "Not good maan" not a typo. So "beeg trouble ford Moose an' skwarl" is raking his driveway. I am working in the garage. I blare the radio and bring out my MB. Point the muffler at him and fire her up. I then pull up an old milk crate and light a smoke. Sit and watch him work.

Forgot to take the muffler off. My bad. But there is always tomorrow.
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