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Default Re: introduction/questions for the experts

Thanks for all the advice guys!
after inspecting the bike i noticed that i still had a lilltle over 1/4inch of room in my dropouts. i decided to take the rear wheel off and check everying out on the bike after that. Here's what i foundout.
The rear fender mounting bolts were barely rubbing the tire, but if i moved the tire back into the dropouts it was touching so much the wheel wouldnt move!
The sprocket is aligned perfectly and the mounting bolts were tight.
there was a little rubbing goin on in the chainstay

So it became dremel time
I removed the rear fender and modified the mounts and ground down the protruding bolts. Everything was reassembled with locktite. I adjusted the tensioner and whala! no more chain noise no more fender noise!
I then put on my SBP expansion chamber and man do i like how she sounds/ performs. I'm not too happy with how clean the mounting looks and it hangs kinda low, im thinking mabye a upwards mounting style? coming soon
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