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Default Re: Welding newbie need advice

For most home shops, your best indicator of joint intergity is viewing the "puddle" during running the bead. If you see good penatration and the bead has a nice fillet to the edge, it's probly fine . You can test with hammer ,but better maybe to cut across a test bead and view cross section of test weld . Remember the better the mech. Fit to start, with good surface prep, the better the weld no matter what pross. You use.
Backing with brass or copper is a good tech to learn with mig , works well with thin sheet app. Just remember it can still melt or burn thru.
With mig and diffrent metal dim. A tech. Called "horseshoe bead" may be of use . One starts the puddle on the thicker matt. Then runs up onto thiner matt. And back off again making little swirls or "horseshoes" . This generaly only works with mig ,but is similar to a brazing torch pattern .
Clean and grind well and you'll weld well ,chamfer ends and use root and covering passes if ness. Most of all pratice alot!
Some good projects ,like arm rests, will let you pratice and make shop eqip. At the same time.
I just started teaching my friends kid to weld , he made an engine stand out of an old kids bike , i don't know how i ever got along without it.
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