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Default Re: scored another MB!

Ok, So I finished putting this bike together and had it out yesterday and HOLY ****!!! I have never been on an motorized bicycle this fast!. This is like my 13th build, I have no idea what kit he had on it, its WAY different then the grubee kits, The engine just looks much bigger,the clutch set up is really weird to, every thing is bone stock. To give an example of how fast it is, I had a drag race with my brother, between this bike and my personal bike, my bike has the grubee gt5, billet cns intake, cns carb, expansion chamber, 36t sprocket. My bike likes to top out at about 28 to 30 mph, granted, its still in break in, but so is this new bike. We raced on a 1/2 mile stretch of road, I had a head start of about 200' before my brother took of in this bike, he blazed passed me about 50' before the finish line. my bikes speedo said I was going 29mph. I love the kit on this bike! it is nothing short of amazing, that kind of speed ( had to be atleast 35mph) out of a kit that had just been started for the first time, with no kind of mods at all! The guy I got it from removed every trace of identity for this motor and did not remember where he got it. even if I dont keep this bike, im taking this monster motor!
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