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Default Re: Hello from Arizona

Hey man, thanks for the offer to take a look at my setup. I'll take a look at the areas you've mentioned and go to the bike shop to get the wheel trued. I noticed after I installed the sprocket that the wheel has a little bit of a wobble, not enough to be worried about, but it's not a perfect spin like it was when I bought it.

Additionally I noticed on the Grubee website that they said if you're not getting much engine power, you may have to adjust the "pac man" clip on the carburetor needle downward. This is needed if you're at a higher elevation (and I'm at about 5000 ft) I have no idea what they're talking about with regards to the "pac man" clip. I'd assume that I need to adjust one of the two screws on the right-hand side of the carb, but I don't know which one makes the fuel-air mix richer.

Here is the photo of the carb from

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