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Default gonna buy now need input from pa

hey folks Gonna buy an engine now, just need input. I weight 220-230 lbs and live in pa so laws suck. I need something as quiet as possible that will pull hills.I wanna mount on mountain bike, have a fair amount of cash . i need to pull a pretty steep hill and ain't lookin to sweat much since i'm in sales and must be presentable.I'm sure there are other threads so i'm sorry to repeat. i havent found any 4 strokes other than rear mounts.again i need as quiet as possible also must consider size as discreet . I have a dui and do not want to get popped for driving on suspension. i'm buying as soon as i have input. I just don't know whats quitest. I will also do a 2 stroke if it's nearly as quiet as a 4... thanks guys looking forward to share my experience with my new bike.I may purchase a wholesale lot so i can outfit the family.....

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