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Default Re: Broken out of the box

Originally Posted by Dave Strome View Post
Just bought this motor, yeah an eBay buy, and I got what I paid for.

I had it running, but it was awful so I took it apart and this is what I found. The guy has a 7 day return policy, but I'm hoping he'll at least send me the replacement parts.

Question: How bad is this, ie, how irritated should I be? :-) Any comments? I really don't know motors all that well...

Thanks for looking, I appreciate any comments!

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Who did you buy it from?

Is the chrome in the bore damaged?

Just lap the barrel on a piece of flat plate glass
If you can remove enough material to get a flat surface you are all good

Probably want to do the same to the head too.
This is good to do to all new motors, you have to blueprint them.

Remove any rough chrome from around the ports in the bore as
they will scratch the piston.

Also break your motor in on 100 to 1 Opti 2 oil and you will have a
strong running and long lasting motor that doesn't belch smoke and drip oil

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