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Default Re: Broken out of the box

How bad is it.... Well in the grand scheme of things, it could be worse.
The cylinder jug isn't usable because the gasket sealing surface is so irregular that no gasket will seal around the stud, or the other side where it looks like someone beat it with a hammer. If it did seal, eventually you'll blow the metal gasket out.

I hope that's no indication of the quality of the rest of the engine's assembly.
I know these aren't high quality engines, but who ever put that together certainly knew that that part was defective from the start. God knows what's going on inside the cases.

Those surfaces must be machined perfectly flat in order to contain the compression of the engine, somewhere in the 135psi range I believe.

I'd be pretty upset and get a refund..

You can replace the jug pretty easily if all you can get is the part from the seller.
Just make sure you know how to properly put it on. Just ask if you you have to go that route.

You must have not run it much, it looks unused.

Get in contact with the seller immediately.
Hopefully they stand behind their product. Most guys here are apprehensive about E-bay sellers for your exact situation.

Hope things work out,
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