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Default Re: The Bike Machine

Originally Posted by jhensersky View Post
It is, as you might guess, an engine for a bicycle. It has a friction drive.

I bought one at a rummage sale and apparently, it was never used. Never had gas in it.

Except for a few specks of rust on the friction roller, the engine was spotless.

There is no manual and an internet search for info produces little.

And K & S Industries is no longer in business.

I did find a pic on the internet (see attachment).

So I put the engine on the bike, put in a new spark plug, and put in gas & oil (16:1).

It won't start for me though.

I took it to a small engine guy and he couldn't get a spark from it. He said the spark plug was probably not the culprit. He didn't want to look at it further because he figured he wouldn't be able to find parts for it.

So I am stuck with an engine that probably would work just fine if I could just figure out what it needs.
when i was 12,13yrs old 4 kids in my neighborhood had The Bike Machine. It was a great little motor. had a spring load lever to lift motor off tire. Goes about 22mph, my best friend had a speedo on his bike. there should be a little compartment with a little bottle for spare gas mix. i think most of my friends order them from an ad in the back of popular mechanics mag. This was back around 1986-87. Great find! it would be an easy fix . let me know if you want to sell or trade. I need a new project-i just restored an old clinton 3hp outboard. there are tricks to get the Bike Machine moving faster-let me know if you want to know.

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