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Default Re: Crank seal blues

Originally Posted by "the prussian" Shop Dogs View Post
I tried to clean up the oil ,however it just keeps coming .without draining the case don't know how to stop it. Didn't want to pull the case apart if poss.
But starting to think that may have to happen . The thread tape fixed the problem but i know from exp. That gas will eat that up. So lock tite or baze the case half seem to be only long term solution?
When you say soap test ,do you mean while runing soap the case seams?
Soap test. You know how tires usually get checked for leaks. As to find the hole in order to patch it.

As for clean the thread hole out just damp a paper towel with said cleaner. Spirale the corner of the towel first then damp it gently twist it into the hole. Its a thought. Use a cue-tip. That would prolly work better. Use kid gloves here you don't want to introduce broken towel or cue-tip pieces into the block. Any who the lock tight will prolly work regardless. I would not really know as I never really tried it that way. I always cleaned the access oil of my subject that I used it on. Like the bolt in a rear differential on a car when I worked on one.

As for excessive oil we are talking about a two stroke right? They don't ever have there crank case full of oil on these motors. It gets it oil from the gas mix.

Plug of the exhaust side. Remove the carb and rig a way to pressurize the engine block to about mebbe 8 psi. Get a spray bottle with soap for bubbles.
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