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Default Re: Which Kit From Boygofast?

Here's what you better do before you decided to use BoyGoFast for your engine or any other bike supplies. Check out his Ebay feedback first, the negative ones. This person gets at least one negative feedback per day. Next just Google boygofast online and see just how many complains this person has. Wow, total shocking, how this person has cheated good honest buyers out of their money. It appears all is OK, providing you don't run into problem with his junk. If you got problems, you have just thrown your money away, because you won't get a refund or no help from BoyGoFast. Not even an email. I know because he got me for once for $16 plus $14 for shipping for two, (what was suppose to be a double brake lever). Man, what I received was just a single brake lever that somebody machined, to make it look like it was a double brake lever. But there was no way to hook the brake cables to the lever. I wish I knew how to attached images to this message, because you would laugh at what he was selling. I took it up with PayPal and won the case, but they wanted me to return the levers, at a cost of $17, boy this is what is called "Buyers Protection." This was my first bad experience with Ebay, after many years of buying thing I needed. The lesson for me is this, before you buy, read the feedbacks, if any negative ones. Forget buying from that person. This should also include Google the seller, for threads and other complains.
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