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Most all the parts interchange on almost all of the china girl engines, no matter the "BRAND" some may be a bit better than others but there are good in all brands and bad in all brands from what I have seen so each one is a crap shoot as many will tell you just go with a dealer that offers good customer service, or do like I did and gamble on the BGF engines and save a few bucks, I have 4 of the 66cc engines with only one failure and it was my fault for running it too hard for too long and too lean before a good breakin period.

Just speaking from personal experience, and we all have different opinions on some of these "BRAND NAMES" in my opinion the brand of all these engines can discribed as (INEXPENSIVE CHINA MADE 2 SMOKER) not to much difference in all the ones I've seen, some kits come with more or a little better parts like some may have a better chain, better chain tensioner, or a tool like a gear puller tool, or some extra gaskets or something like that, but these are cheap china made products and you can get a pretty good one or a bad one in any of the "BRANDS"

Just get the one you have a good feeling about, and then follow all the advice given by the PRO'S on this forum as you build and mod it and you will probably be just fine, all of these need a few improvements in most of our opinions to be more durable & reliable than they are straight out the box.

Good luck in whatever you choose and pour through this forum and ask lots of questions and you will have a fun ride in no time.


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Ok thanks is there a good place to buy one ? Also is the carb in that kit ok looks kind of ify. Can you buy peplacment parts for this motor and where.
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