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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

Good deal, Bro.

Glad to here that the pucks are still hanging in there, been nasty here today and I've been pretty busy building my new work shop so I haven't had a chance to put many miles on mine yet, only 20 or so miles so far, and my bike is not running very good right now, changed carb. and exhaust and now is running very rich, but as soon as it dries up and I have the time I'll get-ur tuned real nice again and put some miles on it and see how my personal luck ends up with these far so good though, they really hook up and I dont have the slippage problem now that I did with the stock pucks, fingers and toes crossed and hoping this material turns out to be a winner.

Peace all and great news Bairdco.!

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
that's 4 easy who retired his bike. i still beat the heck out of mine every day.

mapbike sent me a set of pucks and i've got them in my bike now.

so far, they work awesome. i'll put them through the ringer and see what happens
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