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Default Re: Stealth 4 Stroke

Hi Mike. It's a gearbox I got from Dax when I bought the super titan. It's NOT the PTO box, it's the 3.25:1 box.

I cruise real easy at 30-35MPH, but I haven't opened her all the way up yet, as I am still in break-in at less than 200 miles.

I'm thinking about getting a slightly larger sprocket. I'm running a 56T right now and am eyeballing a 62T so I can cruise at lower speeds. I like to look cool when I ride, not terrified.

Although this isn't the "Power Take Off" gearbox that Dax sells, it sure wants to "Take Off" when at a standstill. LOTS of torque, this thing pulls me out of an underpass like nobody's business, and pulls me right up a hill like it's nothing. I go faster than cars on some streets!

I'm using a #41 chain and a Manic Mechanic hub adapter & sprocket.
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