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Default Re: My first build.

I was speaking of your chain tensioner, the little erector set piece of crap with the plastic wheel on it that keeps you chain in line and tight. your chain should have atleast a half inch of up and down play in it. after about 30-50 miles are on the bike you can re-adjust it cuz yer chain will have stretched out fully by then. And i watched your video, sounds to me like its running perfectly, that sound is normal, youve got great throttle response, so theres def no air leaks in the intake area. i bought some diamond plate shaped rubber strips that are for running board steps on trucks, they have sticky on one side. I took my clutch cover off and traced it out on the back, then cut it out to fit and slapped it on there, quieted down alot! also you need a dab of grease on the drive gears while yer in there! But yer motor sounds good, hope i helped bro. when youre trouble shooting you can always refer to the booklet that came with yer kit, it always helped me my first couple builds.
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