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Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
Matthurd, It realy bothers me the way you always mention "death" or something negative everytime someone comes up with an " Outside the box" idea.

Just like the post you made to me about my motorised unicycle .You mentioned death in that one.

We all know that our sport can be dangerous and we all give that great considerstion.

It also comes off as very condescending to the originator of the thread .

If you don't know the poster's background or experience, and you make generic comments like that, yer rubbin poeple the wrong way.

The originator of this thread, for instance, has a background in racing and building atV's.
If he has the ability to figure out what I've seen in his posts, I would never assume ha hasn't given great consideration to strength of all points of stress on this build.

Thinking and talking positive things tend to makes positive things happen.

Thinking and talking negitive things tend to make negitive things happen

How would you feel if someome said to you something like "yer gonna kill yourself on that thing".

I head that before about my Ultralight plane, and I'm usualy not too friendly with them after that.

No one wants to hear it and some even feel like they could be jinxed and may abandon their ideas. Some poeple are already apprensive and afraid to try new exciting things, or to even keep doing their current exciting things.

So, lay off the negative doomaday skyfalling stuff and stop saying things that could deflate someone's inspiration, and people will like and respect you more.

Wayne Z
do you think it's going to open up a wormhole instead then?

How would you feel if someome said to you something like "yer gonna kill yourself on that thing".

my response to that would be at least i'll have fun doing it.

saying don't kill yourself is my way of saying i care about others safety and hope things turn out well for them, i make light of it because in the end, we're all going to die. i expect that i have longer then many on this forum since i'm guessing i'm a younger person then most others here, but i know even i will eventually die.

i don't want or expect anyone to actually die from these things(because i do indeed suspect that many of us think of safety with what we're building), just like i don't expect anyone to open a wormhole with a super fantastic bicycle, i will still remind them though that wormholes are bad and thus should be avoided
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