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Default Re: New & need advice, questions answered etc...

what i think the real problem with the new carb is, is that the screw that we use to tighten it up at the intake is garbage, i went to home depot, bought some m5 screws and the proper nut and was able to torque it down real tight, before it was "kinda" tight. the other thing is people probably don't have it set quite right.

it seemed to work fine for me, although i admittedly don't have anything to compare it too as it was my first motor and most likely my last inframe motor because honestly this has been a nightmare.

the idea of friction drive doesn't thrill me, but the simplicity of it does, i'm looking into it now, most likely will buy a kit from thatsdax.

while most seem to have a pretty easy time with in frames this has been a living **** of a build for me and i'm done with it.
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