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Default Re: KC's GT1 build with tips.

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Handlebar Controls:
You have to take the left grip off to get the clutch lever on, and the throttle off to put in the throttle cable from your carb so it is a great time to dump those crap hard plastic grips.

The problem is, the throttle side grip is fatter because it has to fit over the throttle barrel.

That's OK, save some time and just use a knife to cut the left side grip off, take the throttle off and pull the throttle barrel out and cut it's grip off too.

You can get foam racing grips at most bike store for ~$7 and they work and feel great!

For the left side, I found mounting the clutch between the front brake lever pointing down and the front brake lever level with the right side rear brake lever to be the best.

I actually prefer my levers facing downward for where I put my handlebars and ride, but with 2 levers on one side matching the brakes and leaving room to operate the clutch and lock does fine, and the pre-drilled hole for the metal throttle mount is straight out forward anyway.

While you have the throttle apart to put the cable in, put some grease on the bare handlebar and inside the metal throttle housing and be SURE to not tighten it back up until the little stay prong fits in the pre-drilled handlebar hole and the throttle is turned open enough so you don't tighten in down on or before the throttle stop.
Fill that with a little grease too, we don't want a sticky throttle ;-}

Kill Button Warning!
Unlike the regular kit throttle kill buttons, this kit's metal mount actually grounds the black wire on the kill button!
If you mix up the wires and hook the black ground to your hot your bike won't run.
Unlikely if use it's frame mount round eyelet lug, but if you re-do your wiring like I do yo ened to pay attention to that.

I will do back brake adjustment and more electrical soon, and I hope that helps some of you build a better bike.
hi this is robertgibbs i would like to know where you got the throttle dual brake hook up
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