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Default Re: you guys have already sucked me in - Delmar and Grubee at my house

i know this thread is old but,

I Have the same setup

Just got done with it today, i drilled the frame and couldnt get it lined up straight with that crappy mount and broke a bolt off in the front mount trying to take it back out, then broke an easy out in the bolt so i got an aluminum plate made for it and got it welded on cost me $40, used a U-bolt from lowes to mount it on the front. if anyone is thinking about using that T bracket on the Del Mar, forget it dont even waste your time, go ahead and get the damn u-bolt!! lol had some issues with chain jumping off, the tensioner pulley wont tighten down enough to keep it from moving when you engage the clutch so i bent a spoke and got quite a wobble in the back tire, so i drilled a small hole in the tensioner pulley bracket and through the frame and put a screw in it. had to file off the edges on the back sprocket on the spoke side to keep chain on. but now i got almost all the wobble out of the back tire by tightening and losening spokes, rides beautifully. something wrong with the carb maybe because it doesnt want to wind out on no choke but once i get going i can choke it a little and it hauls a$$. i put some silicone on/in the carb where it mounts to the intake tube because i saw a crack around where the gasket is inside, its hard to get it to mount with a snug enough fit to the gasket to keep air from leaking in so silicone helped ALOT! anyways. rode it for about 20 minutes today, going to try a 22 mile trip tommorrow, will post pics of it later. hope the advice helps someone. Happy Riding!
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