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Default Re: New & need advice, questions answered etc...

Thanks for the info guys... It seems from what I am reading the only source for the 2-stroke engines is China? That kinda sucks. I have issues with China starting with the fact that they produce a lot of crap that falls apart, that on side of the geopolitical issues I have with China. Well, let me just say I don't shop at WalMart, and have a big problem with our national debt to China...
I could have sworn that I read somewhere about Japanese 2-strokes engines, if they do exist and anyone knows a source please let me know (but I am not interested in a rear mount engine). Aside from that (finding a non Chinese made 2-stroke), can anyone recommend a reputable dealer that I can buy a made in china kit from that will take care of me if I get a lemon?
Also, even though these are all made in China 2-strokes, I have heard there are important differences. Like some of them have real bearings and others just bushings, sounds like a pretty big deal to me! I would like to learn how to tell a well made Chinese engine from the crap one, so I can be sure to get one of the better ones.
If it does boil down to China for the engine I am wondering if these engines can be repaired? Are replacement parts available for them? Are there certain models that have replacement parts available and others not? I would like to try and make a wise choice when I buy so I wont get a unit that leaves me screwed down the road with a bad part and no replacement available.
I guess at this point it boils down to me looking for a reputable dealer that can sell me a good kit (and will stand behind it if there is a problem), and hopefully stocks parts for the engines they sell. I would be interested to hear from the forum where you guys buy your stuff, and general good and bad experiences with suppliers so I can try to go with a good one...
Thanks again for all your replies....

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