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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
I ordered a HF77cc today for my bike !!
Awesome ChainMan.

Originally Posted by MarkSumpter View Post
Hey Dan post up some images of your HF setup and what is needed to make one... I have been thinking of doing a 4 stroke next... BTW I ordered a couple sets of the BMI Kart forks also. I think I will probably order the Worksman front Hub and brake tomorrow too thanks for the tip, unfortunately their website is hard to find anything in the way of prices or images.
Cool Mark. Below is a build thread. For the throttle, I used a spoke, a screen door roller and the springs for the original throttle. Works great and looks old world/MBish. But really is a tad over complicated as "some would say" For the engine mount, and I really am thrilled with it. looks like it is not there and the engine is married to the frame. I used 2 pcs of angle steel and bent 2 pcs of flat stock. 4 ubolts and done deal. Worked better then I had imagined and I really do like how it looks. For the kill switch, I used a MC one and, no kidding, just plugged it into the wire from the low oil kill. Button grounds to the handle bars. Just one of those dumb luck things. I will be switching the tranny over to a CVT scooter type. Reving the HFs past 4000K eats em up quickly. OH! and the rubber muffler really does work great but a lawn mower one gives a cooler (and louder) sound. The one drawback to the HFs, they are huge, heavy and can't climb. OK, 3 draw backs. see vid Vids :: HFs can't climb video by dan3xd - Photobucket LOL! I couldn't find that vid. After googling it, found it on this thread way back.

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