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Originally Posted by "the prussian" Shop Dogs View Post
Haveing links to this kind of content would(i think) be a big reason to get your hands on a hard copy of mag. But it could happen in any number of ways , simple as a list or as complacated as ?
Everything starts out small.
Dan finally read thru floating hot dog cart, I was shipwright for U.S. Navy for around ten years and built all kinds of "rare" floating things , love the idea . let me know when your ready to expand to chicago
Whooly sheep dip Batman! Uber cool Dawgs! I really need to pic your brain! My evil plan is next winter, build a self propelled barge (alum.) I am thinking use pumps like a jet ski sort of deal with a paddle wheel and truck alternators to generate electricity. On davits to raise and lower. Using a or the reverse of a reduction gear to increase RPM. My thinking is it is easy to turn the power of say a 2 knot currant in to the rpm's needed to make some real juice. The reason for pumps is I are not smart enough to make a stuffing box. (the pipe that houses the spinning shaft that turns the prop) The intake (and reverse wash) would be on the bow. My thinking is instead of "plowing water", Take it out of the way and use it to push out the arse end. I wander back and forth on those (the pumps) being electric? Add a generator and have unlimited range. but gas powered is just easier. When I build odd stuff, it usually is determined by what parts I have or can get. After perfecting this (hehe, snork, snicker) I would like to produce them. First one would look like an 1800s steam paddle wheeler. well, thinking that but my stuff seldom if ever looks even close to what I started out building. The joys of functional art. Brain says this and hands say, "naw. nananana" lol

Had a thought. While not terribly important, she would be almost as maneuverable as a tractor tug. Could literally 'Parawet', spin and move sideways. A good handling boat can make even a poor boat handler look good. A poor handling boat can make even a good Capt. look really dumb. lol, I been both, some times in the same maneuver.

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
would you be interested in some recipes or food related writings ?
Big time ChainMan! Cool idea. what were you thinking?
Kinda crazy, but when I first read your post, I thought it would be awesome to have the "Ultimate motorized bicycle BackPack" Little, personal grill, tools and solar panel for the laptop/net book. Hmm, saddle bag/case?

Now brain went off by it self and is suggesting a collapsible solar oven. I just let it go. Some times it comes back with interesting ideas. But of all the things I have lost, I really do miss my mind the most.

(oops, it read that and is now PO'ed)
worst apocalypse ever
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