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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

(Sat) Changed oil. Spring has sprung so went with summer 30w for the HF. Was to cold and made her rough to start but ran like a devil once she warmed. Rode to do reconnaissance on biz location. Closed for the next 4 weeks so a car could not go. (MBs, is there any thing they can't do?) Using the grease marks on new forks. They have a full 1.75 inch of travel. Much more then the pretty and poorly made monarch springers. They have settled in nicely and couldn't be happier with them. Having duel brakes up front is awesome! Went to run a yellow light and thought better of it b4 going threw the intersection. Stopped dead on the spot. I couldn't have done that on old brake system.

Not a cloud in the sky today, (this time of year, means cold out) Have a long ride planed. hehe, gonna see if I can write off biz miles. @ .50 cents a mile, good deal.

Any one know for sure? Really is a biz expense. (Just a really, really fun one)

Side note on oil for HFs. The manual says to check level, "fully insert dip-stick" I called and asked if it were to be threaded in or just inserted. Was told to thread it in but the young lady had me wait while she yelled to ask some one. And the manual says the capacity is some huge amount. Way more then you need or the stick says. So I aim for half way up the stick with the engine perfectly level. If you take the engine apart, ya can see there is no need to worry and it's range is very wide. Not sure why I bother with being so anal about it or took the time to bore you with this, snork.
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