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Originally Posted by "the prussian" Shop Dogs View Post
Dan :i've been working on guide book for backroads of N IL. And S WI. And would gladly let you use it for content. Right now its about twenty pages and growing.
Back in my climbing days we printed little guide zines all the time . The bigest draw back was get around to dist. Them all over , motorized bicycle solves that problem right.
Totaly agree w your coment on the " i'll help out " atude in this forum , count me in for whatever I can do.
Awesome Shop Dog, and great idea! When I read your post I got to thinking of some of my favorite little routes. Took yrs to find and are motorized bicycle friendly and fun. Be great to share them with folks. One takes you over one bridge, threw a park and back across. Can be varied so you go threw either industrial areas (my favorite) or threw scenic kinda roads. Just sayin' be really hard to find. Gonna add that as a section. This (MB Mag) needs content and would you be interested in writing some thing and maybe taking some pics to add? I was thinking ride routes but any thing you would enjoy. You have some great thoughts and humor. The duck's pants thing cracked me up.

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
This is such a great idea on the mag. I really hope this materializes, sign me up........!
Cool Map! Is in the works and still looking for contributers. Have it mapped out and almost ready for print. I came into a really great opportunity ( ) and this had to take a back seat. I may not make the early spring dead-line I set for my self but is gonna happen. Once that project starts, I am thinking I will have a whole lotta time sitting by the river with nothing to do but work on this. lol. Feast or famine. Time or money. Always and never enough or too much....
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