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Default Re: my bike frame is to big for me.

you are right up to a point. i did ride the bike first as i wanted to see how the gears compared to my old moutain bike, and found i could go up a brick wall in bottom gear, and the top was higher, i could just handle it frame wise. and it was the only frame i could find locally to get the engine in. What we want in the uk is manufacturers to build schwinn type frames, with disk brakes front and rear, then we have an easy starter. However this morning i realised on looking on youtube that there is a fuel tank that fits on top of the engine. i think they where made for mounting behind the seat.

Well i have not been able to find a supplier, of this tank. i have seen them on a honda 50cc. but don,t know if they fit the huasheng also. I think i have enough room above the engine. will know more when i can get some measurments of this tank. It would solve all my main problems. The tear drop tank was to big and ugly anyway, who thought it was a good design to have a chimney stack as a fuel filler, it only needed to be a half inch off the top of the tank. would look much better. what we want is an under the cross bar tank made, as a choice for us. as i have all cables running along the top of the cross bar,

and that gave me problems packing the tank up. so i did not crush them. I could put a tank on the rear parcel shelf as an option. but tank above the engine would look neater. thanks for your input. and the rest of you.

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