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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Really does Smoothe, thanks. I like the way it blends with the cream color on the headset. With out that seat and every thing else black or chromed, looked out of place

Designed a front fender. The old one has 5 holes drilled to accept the fancy suicidal springers and when they failed scratched em pretty deep. Could be made to work. But new plan is small fender on the forks them selves, and a plate on the down tube. The small plate could fall off and would not hinder forward motion. The plate on the down tube has much better mounting options as it will be all solid and non-moving.

There is a custom leather shop in the industrial area I like to ride. I have been thinking of asking what seat covers would cost. Thinking "" ones with the lettering on the sides. My avatar with the words; "Sit on a happy face"

Ya know, normal stuff like that.

I must own 12 bike seats and just about every one is tore up. (I blame global warming and Budweiser) Would make getting the right colors easier.
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