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Cool Looking for the latest info

Hi, I've been into motorbiking for about 4 years now, and you might say I've become a bit of an enthusiast. I'm currently building and repairing when I can get the work in Okc, but I also blog...a lot, about motorized bikes and scooters. My wife says I'm having an OCD moment. But here's the problem. There's only so much advancement I can write about in the electrics...well a little more, but I really want, no am dying for any kind of tech advances, to try first...hopefully, and then write it up. A few places to go read (manufacturers, etc.) would be cool, but real advances, even on the electrics, would be even better. Anything you can think of or tell me would be great! Oh yeah, here's one of my personals, real nice bike, little steep for me though. Want An Electric Bike With More Distance And Speed, You'll Pay
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