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Default Re: Backward engine.

Originally Posted by ferball View Post
I had an idea for an interesting install, that engine would be installed backwards putting the drive sprocket on the right side of the bike, but instead of running it to the rear sprocket run the chain forward. But as I thought about more and more it made less and less sense.
Here's why I'm confused: when you say "run the chain forward" are you talking about driving the front wheel? If so, won't steering become a problem? The other issue is this: when the engine's drive sprocket is on the left, it and the rear wheel turn counter-clockwise. If you mount the engine backwards with the drive sprocket on the right, no matter which wheel you power - it will still turn counter-clockwise, meaning that on the right side of the bike you would indeed go backwards, i.e. in reverse. Unless you rebuilt and modified the engine to compensate.

Might I suggest a jackshaft to accomplish something similar.

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