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Default Re: engine cover for cruiser? help quieting motor...

it wouldn't fit between the forks because the chain guard was blocking it. i see this guy YouTube - Motorized Bike Schwinn Riverside 66cc engine (UPDATE VIDEO) took the chain guard off and he has the same bike as me and same engine so i guess thats the ticket. i see people asking him how to get it on in other posts so i must be on to something. i guess this means i'm going to have to do the one pant leg tucked in to my sock gangster thing. thats alright cause i'm feeling pretty gangsterfied just going to be riding around on this "illegal" bicycle. not to get too off topic but whats the best type of oil for these engines and what grade gasoline? I'd suppose since it takes so little and i love it so much to get supreme but i don't even know what type of oil. am i wrong?
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