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Default Re: Hello everybody you can call me Gardog, Its nice to be here...finally!!

Originally Posted by Gardog View Post
Thank you all for the welcome, I think I might be posting correctly, by ansering everyone, or maybe I just need to answer once . Ol well I do have a question for you all.
I seem to have a lot of ching a ling
noise coming from, what I think is the clutch. Would you know if that is normal. It was sold as a 70cc and seems to rev good, with a little added ching ching-o-ling. I will have some pictures coming shortly
I am not familer with the clutch making that type of noise. But you could lube the gears and check the clutch adjustment.

A) Disengage clutch by pulling handle bar clutch lever inward and lock into catch lock.

B) Remove right side engine clutch cover and remove small locking screw on center *Clutch Adjust Nut.

C) Pull clutch arm on left rear engine inward. Back off *Clutch Adjust Nut turn counterclockwise.

D) Release clutch lever and check for slight clutch arm 1/16 free-play on opposite side of engine. Readjust *Clutch Adjust Nut as required to get required 1/6 clutch arm free play.

E) Tighten *Clutch Adjust Nut on clutch plate clockwise until just snug.

F) Then re-install small locking screw in outer edge of *Clutch Adjust Nut.

G) Good idea to place a small gob of grease at gear mesh area. Use grease sparingly! Then replace cover.

H) Squirt light grade oil down clutch cable sheathing to reduce friction and make for easy lever pull.

Adjuster Nut
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