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Default Re: New DAX 70cc 2 stroke, first ride, first build

I vouch for Dax too.

Just installed a new Dax 2 stroker, and it fired-up on the very first compression. That's no lie. I'm just finishing my break-in, and it always starts on command, and gives me all the power that I expected. However, I'm running 16:1 NON-SYTHETIC OIL, and plan to continue doing that, which is greasier than the 20:1 recommendation for break-in.

I know that their engines are a little more "pricey", but the quality and tech support (Duane) balance-out and justify. Duane has been very helpful, and was instrumental in helping me to understand basic mechanical troubleshooting on a 2-stroke.

150 Miles/Gallon

"If the break-down doesn't debilitate or kill me, it makes me stronger."
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