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Default Re: engine cover for cruiser? help quieting motor...

I've talked to 3 cops so far two of which told me it was illegal and another said they didn't know. I'm sure i'm going to get a ticket for having an unregistered vehicle if they know i've got a combustion engine strapped on it. I have a virginia drivers license but don't have a lease or utility bill to prove my residence requirements for getting a florida drivers license. that would bar me from registering a vehicle in florida otherwise i would simply have bought a moped to have transportation. I don't really want to fight this fight. i keep seeing motorized bikes around here flying around ever so often. thats where i got the idea from. i talked to one guy who had one and the extent of our conversation was Me:"is that legal" him:"yep" Me:"how fast does it go" him:"how fast you wanna go". if it was legal i'd think i'd see everyone around here riding them cause theres a crapload of bikes here. i plan on hooking up an electric kit to my bike as well. mainly to use downtown where all the cops are and to appear as if thats the thing thats propelling me otherwise.
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