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Default Re: Gas prices are going up

Thank you mapbike , well put .
I only want to add one thing to this thread. People in this country don't understand the system!!! We allow speculation as part of our captalist ethos , with the laws of supply and demand clear ,we as consumers are the ones to blame. They can only charge as much for gas as your willing to spend!
Dont have the source in front of me , but remeber reading during obama election that something like 89% of people in survey thought that the goverment set the fuel price and they were looking to new pres. (whomever at the time ) to set cap on gas prices.
How can you make it thru grade school in this country and not know how the countrys ecom. Works ? Kids alive today will live longer than oil will last at any afforidable rate, there just going to have to deal with it.
Tras. tech. (like mb's) are going to be vital for the future of our GNP
(and dismount soapbox)just my two cents (while that price last's)
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