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Default Re: Newbie from Fort Collins CO

Greetings ! My next door neighbors moved out to Loveland for some time, then were transferred to Las Vegas. I went out to visit and got to see Fort C. Beautilful area for biking there.

I don't know if you have your kids trailer yet or are considering the purchase of one. I've seen them with a wind shield which I'd highly recommend for the kids sake. I think the electric motor concept would have alot to offer you also. If you had a mountain bike with 10 to 15 gears you could easily compensate for terrain and the electric motor may give up to a 40 mile range.

There is just something about the notion of kids sitting in a trailer in the wake of a motorized bike's slip stream of the CO1 and oil vapor that cancels out the virtues of fresh air and sun shine. (even though not visible to the naked eye in the form of smoke....oil vapor poisoning should still be a health threat over a typical bike ride) The electric motor set up may even weigh less.

If you wish to go with the 2cycle engine see if you can find an exhaust system that vents upwards above the rear wheel. A good silencer should be
considered too so you don't deafen your kids. Again electric has much to offer you.
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